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Who doesn't wish they had that "fly on the wall" to watch them interact, that conscience/voice on their shoulder, that person who will hold them accountable for life or career changes that matter? The problem with well-intended friends who do this--and with "life coaches" with 6 week certificates--is that they often lack the scientific basis and the objective viewpoint to truly be effective in helping you create sustainable change.  For decades, large organizations have known the power of utilizing trained, business-oriented, practical coaches.  This level of service and expertise at an affordable price has been missing for the individual.  Not anymore.  Welcome to My Magnet Coach. 

It's time to stop talking about it and start doing it!
stop talking


Our coaches are here to help you make progress on whatever your goals are.  We help you create a plan and then make that plan a reality...  


-Your kids are in school all day and you want to get back into the workforce? Polish up that resume and get yourself interview ready.


-Everyone around you is getting promoted, but you know your work is just as good? Learn how to promote yourself in a way that gets you noticed, but not labeled as an arrogant jerk.


-You've always regretted dropping out of college? Get yourself back in school and focused on a degree that will help you feel fulfilled in your career.


-Retirement isn't as exciting as you thought it would be? Define a plan that reconnects you to the workforce or community and use your many years of experience and knowledge to grow the next generation.

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