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Concerned Parent

I knew MyMagnetCoach's work from a company I'd worked in.  I also knew their passion for helping people find the right career for their talents and interests.  That's why I asked for their help with my college graduate son.  They were able to immediately see clear ways to help him with his resume and his networking and interviewing skills. I believe it was directly a result of their intervention that he then landed a job he wanted in the field he wanted.  


Anonymous, VP of a consulting firm


Career Transition

Nicole has been invaluable in helping me re-examine my career goals.  She provided honest, candid feedback that directly assisted me in making decisions about my future.  The personal insight I gained by working with Nicole has helped me better understand myself and improved how I work with others.  I highly recommend Nicole and would encourage others to work with her to further their own career and have increased job satisfaction.

J. Monicatti-Rowley, Engineer

Med School Interview Prep

My career will be influenced by where I attended medical school.  Why wouldn’t I invest in preparing for the med school interviews? Why wouldn’t anyone? 


I was fortunate enough to have Sandy help me prepare for my medical school interviews. In coaching, she helped me create a portfolio demonstrating my strengths and accomplishments and, more importantly, she helped me to understand the interview process from the school's perspective.  She taught me different methods to portray my abilities properly at the interview.  I truly believe that she is the greatest reason why I was so prepared for these interviews, and why I was accepted to four out of six schools at which I interviewed.  

 General Effectiveness Coaching

What I love about working with Mikki is her genuine caring for my success as the best 'me' possible. Coaching isn't just a job for Mikki -- it's a calling. She helped me uncover how some of the truths that were manifesting at work were affecting my personal life as well.


Anonymous, Aerospace Executive

Andrew Reid, UC-Irvine Med Student

C-Suite Leadership Coaching

This "old" dog discovered it IS possible to learn new tricks!  I've experienced first hand how Sandy can confront inappropriate behaviors in the workplace and work to enable an individual to modify and improve upon those behaviors.  Her approach to coaching is no nonsense and direct.  It provides clarifying feedback to the client. She digs into one's self-acknowledged issues, understands the causes and defines concrete actions that enable avoidance of blind spots, lasting self-improvement and accountability. I've benefited greatly from Sandy's coaching capabilities - personally and in the multiple organizations I've led.            

                                                                                                                                                       M. Donoughe, CEO

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