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Magnet coaches all have psychology and business backgrounds. What does this mean for our clients? Magnet coaches have the psychological understanding of relationships coupled with practical business experience from start-up to international 100K+ employee companies. They are able to draw from extensive cross-functional business and individual coaching experiences to help our clients with work or home issues.

Mikki Proksch, MA

BA in Psychology, MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Personal and Professional Development Coach, Career Counselor, Life Balance 


Life balance. Personal Excellence. My passion is in helping you find and maximize yours. A little about me... Although I've been very successful for years coaching executives in organizations, I'm really a free spirit at heart. I love yoga and healthy eating (although sometimes I love frozen Snickers bars and ho-hos). Even though I personally prefer less rigidity, I am able to connect with people at all structure and creativity levels, from CEO to artist.  I can help you find balance in life. I can help you make peace in issues that drain your energy. I can also be firm and supportive and fun to work with. But look-- don't mistake free spirit with ditzy or haphazard. My training and experience is in using proven methods of coaching for improved performance and goal attainment, and that's what my clients achieve when they work with me.


"What I love about working with Mikki is her genuine caring for my success as the best 'me' possible. Coaching isn't just a job for Mikki -- it's a calling. She helped me uncover how some of the truths that were manifesting at work were affecting my personal life as well"

Anonymous, Aerospace Executive


Nicole Lentz

BA in Psychology,  MS in Finance 

Personal and Professional Development Coach, Career Counselor, Business Advisor, Empowerment Coach


For years I have heard that my degree coupling is odd, but it well reflects the dual sides of my personality and why I am an incredibly effective business and career coach. Part of my interest lies in what makes people tick, what motivates them and how their perception of the world around them effects their behavior. But I also love the fast pace, ever-changing landscape and complexities of business.

If you are ready to advance your career and need focusing and accountability to take the next steps, if you’ve just graduated from college and are realizing school didn’t prepare you to navigate the political landscape of business, if you are the veteran transitioning to the civilian workforce who isn’t sure what to expect and wants an outside sounding board, or the SAHM who is ready to go back to work now that the kids are in school – I’m the coach for you.

You can expect honest, open and direct feedback that may challenge your way of thinking, but is never aggressive or overly pushy. I believe in a servant-based model of business and leadership. When my clients are successful in achieving their goals, I’m successful.



"I knew MyMagnetCoach's work from a company I'd worked in.  I also knew their passion for helping people find the right career for their talents and interests.  That's why I asked for their help with my college graduate son.  They were able to immediately see clear ways to help him with his resume and his networking and interviewing skills. I believe it was directly a result of their intervention that he then landed a job he wanted in the field he wanted.  


Anonymous, VP of a Consulting Firm

Sandy Fiaschetti, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology  

Leadership Coach, Personal Coach, Career Counselor


Stuck in a career rut? Getting frustrated by the same types of people no matter what setting you're in? Frustrated with your own behavior and responses to those people? If so, I can help and I want to! My "sweet spot" is helping people in all walks of life confront and change their behaviors that prevent their success.  With me, you don't get a touchy-feely wellness farm, you get direct feedback, concrete action plans, and a results orientation. This approach is part of my DNA and was reinforced through many years within, and consulting with, organizations.  My scientific training as a psychologist with a statistics background has me well-steeped in using data and measurement to ensure your performance objectives are met.


Jessica Tower

BA English and Human and Organizational Development, MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Personal and Professional Development Coach 


Jessica helps companies make better use of their talent through talent assessment, training, and organizational development. She has designed and facilitated training workshops for organizations of all sizes, from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She has worked with leaders at all levels to improve individual and organizational performance using interventions that include 360 feedback, leadership development programs, talent assessment, job design and performance management.

On engagements, clients can expect Jessica to accurately identify barriers to superior performance and develop creative and practical solutions.

Jessica has a dual Bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University in English and Human and Organizational Development, and a Master’s degree from Wayne State University in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. She is the current Past President of the Michigan Association of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. and a member of the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists, The Association for Talent Development, and The International Society for Performance Improvement.

"Sandy brings the right balance of professionalism, passion, organization and fun to the workplace. Having opened up to her on many occasions, her support and coaching were most helpful in developing solutions to difficult issues."

-Engineering Manager at a Large OEM


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