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Returning/Joining the workforce

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Do you loathe Mondays? Does the thought of spending the next 15, 20, 25 years of your life at your current company make you shudder? Do you know it's time for a change but can't seem to focus your energy into making a move? Your Magnet coach can help you understand your strengths and what type of company would be the best fit for you, refine your job search and prepare for the dreaded interview.


Do you love the company you work for but just can't seem to move your career forward? Are office politics holding you back? We can help you clarify your career goals and coach you on navigating the political dynamics.


If you don't love what you are doing, it's time to make a move.

Goal Clarity/Resume & Interview Skills/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work , Life, Family/Breaking Through Barriers

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